Hands-On Training


DSC_1786While our webinars and DVDs are a great resource for learning these techniques, nothing can replace the hands on training class.

Join Steve Andrews for a IICRC certification courses held all across the US and Canada.

  • Pulled Rows in Berber Carpet – You could RETIRE just fixing this one repair all day long…
  • Burn Marks, Permanent Stains, Bleach Marks – Cha’ CHING!
  • Dog & Cat Damage – Anyone can clean up Pee, but nobody knows how to fix that Torn-Up Entryway…
  • Wrinkles & Waves – Fixing Delaminated Carpet is a potential Gold Mine
  • Water Damage Repairs – I don’t have to tell you how much money is in restoration!

You will learn:

*How is Carpet Manufactured & Installed Correctly

*Simple Tests to Determine material Content and Direction of Manufacture

*How to: Perform a Thorough Examination of the Damage and Evaluate the Time & Cost of Repair

*How to to use different tools such as the Mini-stretcher, Kool Glide, Carpet Patch Tool and Hot Knife in ways you’ve never seen before!

This is not a painfully boring 1000 page PowerPoint class.

There is some book work to learn the basics of carpet construction and terminology but Steve’s primary goal is to make this a hands on class.

My goal is to help you learn how to repair carpet. Why? so you can increase your skill set and make more money per job.

-Steve Andrews

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